1. Wedding-Ready Teeth: How to Get Your Smile Right for the Big Day

    As you are getting ready to get married, or attend a wedding this summer, it is important to make sure your smile looks great, especially for the photos and memories that will remain in your mind forever. A professional whitening treatment or teeth whitening is the easiest and the No. 1 most-requested cosmetic dental service to brighten your smile and get your teeth “wedding-ready”. …Read More

  2. How Dental Implants Restore Your Beautiful, Natural Looking Smile

    Dental Implant Benefits Are you missing teeth? Replacing missing teeth through dental implants can be the most natural way to replace them and provide exceptional aesthetic results. Dental implants not only look and function like your natural teeth, they also feel like them as the implants are made from high-quality dental materials. Implants are versatile as they can be used to replac…Read More

  3. Cosmetic Dentistry: How It Helps You Get Your Smile Back

    Tired of discolored, chipped, misshapen or missing teeth? With cosmetic dentistry, Soft Touch Dentists in Washington DC can help you get your smile back. Common cosmetic dentistry procedures including bleaching, bonding, crowns, veneers, reshaping and contouring your teeth can not only fix cosmetic issues, but also improve oral problems such as your bite. Bleaching Discoloration can occur in en…Read More

  4. How to Choose a Dentist

    You might not realize it, but a dentist is possibly one of the most intimate relationships you'll ever have. You might think your significant other is closer, but do you ever let them clean your teeth? Whatever the case, you'll want to choose your dentist carefully. Here are some basic tips to choosing your dentist well. If you're in the market for a new dentist, make sure you do your due diligenc…Read More

  5. Root Canal: Frequently Asked Questions About the Popular Dental Procedure

    What are root canals? You may have heard them--and you many know that many people dread them. But depending on your dental needs, they may be necessary if you want to salvage a tooth instead of having it removed. When Do I Need a Root Canal? If your teeth are damaged severely, decaying, or if they have a serious infection--these are the cases when a root canal may be necessary. What causes a tooth…Read More

  6. Six Tips for Great Oral Hygiene

    Many Americans find it difficult to make the time to visit the dentist. Whether you’re constrained by work, school, or some other commitment, it may have been a few months since your last visit to the dentist. Whether or not you regularly schedule appointments with your dentist, it’s important to ensure that you’re taking care of your teeth every day. In today’s post, we’ll provide you w…Read More

  7. Six Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

    At Soft Touch Dentists, we understand that it can be all too easy to put off general dentistry exams. Next week becomes next month, and before you know it, it’s been years since your last visit to the dental office. While you should always strive to schedule regular dental exams, painful and worrisome oral symptoms can prompt you to make an appointment with your dentist. In today’s blog, we’…Read More

  8. How To Instill Healthy Oral Care Habits In Your Children

    Part of a healthy, balanced body is your oral health. Oral hygiene plays a massive role in your overall health, and learning how to properly care for and maintain those pearly whites will set you up for success. As an adult, you understand the importance of brushing your teeth, flossing every night, and seeing a dentist routinely for regular and thorough teeth cleanings. And if you are a parent, y…Read More

  9. What To Avoid Eating With Braces

    Perhaps you’ve just started wearing braces, or maybe you’re planning on getting them but are trying to find more information before you make an appointment. Either way, you’re in the right place. Here at Soft Touch Dentists, we offer a variety of dentistry and orthodontia treatments, including general care, cosmetic dentistry, and oral and periodontic surgery. As a Washington D.C’s dentist…Read More

  10. Why You Should Make Seeing The Dentist A Priority

    There are so many doctors’ appointments to make each year. From your general care physician to your children’s pediatrician, to the chiropractor, optician, and maybe even a podiatrist, the list of medical services you need is extensive. But even with all of these other pressing matters, it’s never a good idea to put a dentist appointment on the backburner. Maybe the dentist isn’t fun for y…Read More