Treating Cavities

How to Treat Cavities in Washington DC

Cavities can be prevented with the right oral care and dental hygiene practices. Cavities are not simply the result of a diet high in sugar and candy.

If you consume these foods, be sure to brush and floss immediately afterward to prevent cavity formation.

Eating a well-balanced diet with regularly spaced snacks along with brushing three times a day will also aid in the prevention of cavity formation, as well as scheduling regular cleanings and checkups with Soft Touch Dental.

Sometimes, taking these steps won’t prevent the formation of a dental cavity. That’s okay! There is no cause for concern.

When a cavity does occur, it is important to have it filled immediately to avoid further dental complications. Rest assured that there is no connection between dental fillings and human health problems, according to recent research.

Are Dental Fillings a Safe Option?Cavities Washington DC

A report conducted by a panel of scientific research experts has concluded that there is insufficient evidence to support a relationship between dental fillings and health problems including mercury poisoning, kidney disease, cognitive deficits and Alzheimer’s dementia.

This report was compiled by a nonprofit organization and commissioned by several agencies including the Center for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration.

James Bruckner, PhD and Professor of pharmacology at the University of Georgia explains his role in the study, commenting, “I came to this committee without a great deal of prior knowledge, opinion or bias-one way or another about the hazards to human health of mercury-based dental amalgams.”

Bruckner goes on to explain the margin of safety between levels of metallic mercury released from fillings and those required for neuro or renal toxicity, stating a non-correlation.

In other words, the trace levels of mercury released from dental fillings are noncomparable to the high levels that would be necessary for causing any potential health risks.

If dental fillings are recommended as your best course of treatment, rest assured in their safety and feel free to address any concerns during your visit with your Soft Touch Dental professional.