1. Oral Hygiene and Overall Health

    Healthy does not only mean eating right and exercising, it means taking care of your teeth too! Good oral hygiene is essential for good overall health. What is Oral Hygiene Good oral hygiene starts with keeping your teeth and your gums free from harmful debris and plaque. Cleaning your teeth professionally by a dental hygienist or dentist to clean the areas that you cannot reach just by brushin…Read More

  2. Painful Teeth? Fix It Through Root Canal

    Sometimes teeth can become infected, decayed or traumatized causing pain and toothache. In these cases, root canal or endodontic treatment can be the better solution. Root canal removes the pulp of the tooth rather than extracting the tooth itself, which allows the tooth to function normally without pain. What is a Root Canal? Under the hard surface of the tooth called enamel or dentin lies …Read More

  3. Bad Breath: How to Get Rid of It

    Bad Breath? Here’s How to Get Rid of It Bad breath--or halitosis--can be tough, especially when it isn’t cured by usual remedies like special toothpaste or antibacterial mouthwash. In cases like it, it is critical that you seek professional help as it can be a sign of another underlying health problem. Avoiding Bad Breath All of us have at one point suffered from bad breath, whether it was du…Read More

  4. When Should Your Child Visit an Orthodontist

    A lot of parents ask the question when is the time to take your children to an orthodontist? Interceptive orthodontics, or orthodontic treatment for young children can start as early as age six or seven. At this time, their teeth and jaws are still developing, making it easier to address certain issues such as crowding. Although interceptive orthodontics does not apply in cases of all orthodontic…Read More

  5. Teaching Your Teenagers about Oral Care

    Transitioning from childhood to adulthood is difficult as it is. Add to that braces, wisdom teeth, bad breath and facial appearance, teenagers have a lot to worry about. The busy lives kids live with school, social activities, jobs and sports along with junk foods make it even easier for kids to face dental issues. The good news is there are some steps you can take to ensure you child has proper …Read More

  6. Avoid Decay While Wearing Braces

    Having braces is never easy. Not only do people feel self-conscious while wearing braces, having a mouthful of metal that is constantly tightened and adjusted is never easy. Preventing tooth decay while wearing braces can be difficult as you must learn ways to brush and floss around your braces. Why Get Braces? While some people have perfectly aligned teeth, some people face orthodontic problems…Read More

  7. Pregnancy and Sensitive Teeth

    During pregnancy your body is changing, and discomfort comes along with those changes in the form of a sore back or trouble getting comfortable. Another unexpected discomfort during pregnancy? Your teeth. Many patients in Washington DC aren't aware that tooth sensitivity can increase during pregnancy. Here are the reasons why it may happen and how to safely deal with the pain: Changes During Preg…Read More

  8. Dental Care in Washington DC

    The perfect smile begins with good oral hygiene, education, and goes far beyond the dentist chair. Whole mouth care, starts with routine cleanings, complete mouth examinations to dental implants. This helps to maintain that perfect smile. At Soft Touch Dentists, our practice philosophy is treating patient’s whole mouth and true dental care in Washington DC. Why is Whole Mouth Care So Important…Read More

  9. All About Full Mouth Reconstruction

    While some patients routinely schedule teeth cleanings and exams every six months, others may delay seeking dental care until they have multiple issues. These concerns can affect an individual’s appearance, oral health, and daily functioning and usually require extensive repair. Fortunately, reconstructive dentistry can restore harmony among the interconnected systems of the mouth through a comb…Read More

  10. Root Canals Explained: Treatment, Benefits & Myths

    The mention of a root canal can elicit anxiety and feelings on unease in many individuals. However, the belief that this dental treatment is painful or laborious is a common misconception. In reality, a root canal treatment is a very comfortable procedure that reduces pain associated with a diseased or damaged tooth. This procedure can also help patients maintain their natural teeth and avoid extr…Read More