1. 8 Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes

    The majority of people aren’t getting the full benefits of brushing their teeth because they are making mistakes that let bacteria hide, multiple, and cause tooth decay. To make sure you’re getting all the benefits from brushing your teeth, take a look at the common tooth brushing mistakes below to see if any apply to you. 1. Keeping Your Toothbrush for Too Long The American Dental Association…Read More

  2. Dry Mouth – Causes & Management Tips

    Most of us have experienced dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, at one or more times in our lives. Whether it occurs at night or during the day, dry mouth can be frustrating and uncomfortable. But when it comes to your oral health, dry mouth is more than just an annoyance it’s a serious issues.  Saliva is responsible for coating the teeth to protect them against damage, neutralizing acids, and…Read More

  3. 10 Worst Food & Drinks For Your Teeth And Gums

    Food is very important to the health of your teeth and gums. In last week’s blog we discussed how you can incorporate healthy foods into your diet to improve your teeth and gum health; but this week we want to focus on foods that do damage to your teeth and gums. Foods that are typically bad for teeth are high in acids and sugar, sticky, hard, or full of refined carbs. Avoiding these unhealthy f…Read More

  4. Food For Healthy Teeth & Gums

    Food is very important to the health of your teeth and gums. Choosing healthy foods can help improve oral health, keep away cavities, strengthen enamel, and prevent gum disease. Food for healthy teeth and gums are rich in Calcium - remineralizes teeth, Iron - promotes tongue health and prevents sores, Vitamin C - essential for gum health, Vitamin A - accelerates mouth healing, and Vitamin B3 - pro…Read More

  5. 11 Signs You Need Braces

    Do I Need Braces? This is a question our orthodontists and dentists get on a daily basis. During typical cleanings and checkups your regular dentist should be able to tell you if braces may be something you need and refer you to an orthodontist. But it’s always best to take control of your oral health by keeping an eye out in-between your cleanings for signs you need braces. Our expert orthodont…Read More

  6. How Can I Protect My Child’s Teeth During Sports?

    If your child plays sports, you're probably all too familiar with the anxiety that many parents experience surrounding their children's safety during sports and other physical activity. Team sports are a great outlet for children that encourage the development of social skills, motor skills and teach the values of conflict resolution. Participation in sports has even been shown to improve work eth…Read More

  7. What Is Cosmetic Dentistry? (And Do You Need It?)

    Cosmetic Dentistry Trauma, disease, or poor oral hygiene can all negatively impact the health and appearance of teeth. As a result, individuals may become self-conscious about their smile and try to conceal broken, cracked, misshapen, discolored, or damaged teeth. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry is able to employ a wide-range of dental procedures that can restore your smile and help you look and f…Read More

  8. Preparing Your Teeth to See the Dentist

    How Do You Prepare to See the Dentist? You might be wondering if there are steps you can take before visiting your dentist for a regular cleaning. Practicing good oral hygiene before your checkup prepares your teeth to get the most benefit out of your checkup possible, and can really impress your dentist! If you currently practice an excellent oral hygiene and flossing routine, it is important to…Read More

  9. Is This Water Bad for Your Teeth?

    Switching over to sparkling water from sugary sodas may seem like a healthy choice, but is the carbonation used in sparkling water damaging to your teeth? Growing research suggests that it may not be a risk-free option. As an increasing number of Americans opt for a sugar-free sparkling water drink, USA Today reports that nearly 516 million gallons of sparkling water were sold in the US in 2016 …Read More

  10. What To Do When Cavities Happen

    How to Treat Cavities in Washington DC Cavities can be prevented with the right oral care and dental hygiene practices. Cavities are not simply the result of a diet high in sugar and candy. If you consume these foods, be sure to brush and floss immediately afterward to prevent cavity formation. Eating a well-balanced diet with regularly spaced snacks along with brushing three times a day will als…Read More